My five favorite ways to save calories

My five favorite ways to save calories

I don’t believe in dieting or depriving. But I do believe in alterations and tailoring for both my clothes and my meals. I eat what I love and shave calories when and where I can. Here are my favorite ways.

Eat your sandwich open faced. You won’t miss that other piece of bread. I promise you. And this is coming from a carboholic! If you’re eating a bagel, either scoop out the insides or only eat half. I love the spongy texture of bagels, so I usually prefer to eat half. Also – order your sushi with less rice, or peel some off, like I do.

Order a short at Starbucks. It’s not on the menu, and the prices aren’t listed, but they will make any hot drink short (8oz) for you. A short cinnamon dolce latte with nonfat milk and no whip is 100 calories. A pumpkin spice latte with nonfat milk and no whip is 130 calories. It’s hot; sip it slowly. I’d rather have the full flavor in a smaller package then a venti yada yada with sugar free wah wah, but that’s just me.

Cool down your cocktail intake. This is everyone’s least favorite, but it’s how I live my life now. I drink a whole lot less than I used to, but I still have a good time. When I do drink, I usually have wine or Patron on the rocks with a splash of lime juice, depending on my night. But no more polishing off half a bottle of Cupcake every Thursday night ‘just because’. I’d rather be thin than drunk.

Spend wisely. Bethenny always says that your diet is a bank account so make good investments. Think of all of the money you spend on your well-being (food, exercise, doctors, fitness magazine, Lululemon) as health dollars. Are you spending them wisely? I’d rather eat less meals out during the week so that I can move those dollars to my Soul Cycle account, which brings me to my last point…

Find a workout you love. For me, it’s Soul Cycle. Nothing else makes me feel as good, as capable, or as energized. Last November, I wouldn’t have even considered going and now I can’t imagine it not being a part of my weekly routine. (I went to a 7:00 AM class this morning and kicked ass. What a difference a year makes!)

BONUS: My favorite way to LOOK like you saved calories… an airbrush tan! If someone gave me $200 to spend on a new dress or a tan membership, I’d pick the tan every time. It makes me feel good and look better in any dress I already own!

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