Falling off the bandwagon and getting back on

Falling off the bandwagon and getting back on

I’ve gotten a few requests/reminders to update this baby, so here goes…

I fell off the bandwagon.

Let’s rewind.

I was in a great routine. Going to yoga twice a week, eating most of my meals at home – whole wheat English muffin with nut butter+granola and fresh fruit for breakfast everyday, bun-less veggie burger with side salad for lunch everyday. I was no longer mindlessly eating. Sleeping a lot. Drinking a little.

I came scarily close to my goal weight. I did a complete wardrobe overhaul, getting rid of most everything I own and buying lots f replacements. I skipped around Amagansett in a bikini. I never felt better.

Then I came home from the Hamptons, and everything changed.

My schedule changed. I was no longer able to attend the same yoga classes and I was no longer able to eat most of my meals at home.

I tried to eat mindfully, but I felt in less control. I moved. I joined the gym and got back on the elliptical. I found yoga classes that work with my new schedule and continue to go twice a week. I got in the mindset that because I was working out more, I could eat more.


Last week, I realized something felt off. I weighed myself and was disappointed, but not surprised, to see that I’d gained 3 pounds. I could tell by looking in the mirror. When you get to be a certain size, a few pounds make all the difference in the world. PLUS, I have a very short torso, and when I gain weight it goes straight to my love handles, which makes for some strange, boxy proportions.

I don’t know if I’ll ever meet my goal weight – I don’t even know if it’s completely realistic for me – but I do know I should weigh less than I do right now.

I decided I need to get my ass back into gear. But just working out and eating a little less didn’t feel like enough. I needed a kick-start.

So today, I did a vinyasa yoga class in the morning and a Soul Cycle class (my very first) in the evening. I think I’ve sweated more today than any other day in my entire life.

And it feels damn good.

So I want to know – what do you do to stay motivated? Here’s what I do:

I write down my exercise plan on my calendar and circle the days I workout. If I work out twice in one day, like today, I get two circles.

My motivation to go to yoga is twofold: one – I’m incredibly high-strung and it forces me to relax; and two – often times, towards the end of class, we’re taught a new pose. I love challenges and learning new things.

My motivation to go to the gym (elliptical) is that I get to listen to my iPod. I no longer allow myself to listen to it outside of the gym.

My motivation to do other activities, like tonight at Soul Cycle, is that I get to see friends. That class was incredibly challenging for me – I haven’t spun in years. But I got to spend a little time with two of my favorite girls, so that – along with the invigorating feeling during and after the workout – made it completely worth it.

I want to hear what keeps you going.

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